BCBS Prefix TEA Detailed Information

BCBS Prefix TEA is a unique home plan identifier that is used to identify members enrolled in BCBS healthcare specific home plan. TEA Blue Cross Blue Shield prefix is typically found at the beginning of a BCBS member’s identification number on their insurance card and it represents the members of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. Below you will find a detailed information of TEA BCBS prefix.

BCBS Prefix TEA – Comprehensive Information

Blue Cross Blue Shield BCBS Prefix TEA
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TEA BCBS Prefix Home Plan: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois

TEA BCBS IL Prefix Website: www.bcbsil.com

TEA Prefix Member Services Phone Number (New Enrollment For Under 65): 1-866-514-8044

Member Services Phone Number (Under 65 Existing Members): 1-800-538-8833

Medicare Advantage Plan Members Phone Number: 1-877-774-8592

Medicare Part D Members: 1-888-285-2249

Medicare Supplemental Plan Members: 1-800-624-1723

BCBS IL Phone Number for Medicaid Members: 1-877-723-7702

TEA Prefix Member Services Address: P.O. Box 3004 Naperville, IL 60566-9747

TEA Blue Cross Prefix BCBS IL Claims Address: P.O. Box 805107 Chicago, IL 60680-4112

BCBS TEA Prefix Provider Phone Number

TEA BCBS Prefix Provider Phone Number: 1-800-972-8088

TEA Blue Cross FEP Member Provider Phone Number: 1-800-972-8382

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