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Boost Your Family Practice Revenue By Choosing Our Family Practice Billing Services

Our RCM experts with more than 10 years of experience are always ready to provide high quality family practice medical billing services for healthcare service providers to process clean claims without any delay in payments.

Family Practice Billing Services We Offer

Eligibility & Benefits Verification

We start with eligibility and benefits verification because it helps to ensure that the patient is eligible for family practice services and that the services will be covered by their insurance plan.

Demographics & Charge Entry

As a leading RCM company, our demographic and charge entry team ensures that patient information is entered 100% accurately in system for timely reimbursements.

Medical Coding and Billing

Our certified coders along with coding expertise of more than a decade are ready to assist you to rid of your coding issues and improve your practice cash flow management.

Account Receivable Services

As a leading RCM company, our medical accounts receivable specialists starts with analyzing your current accounts receivable process and help you to improve it for maximum reimbursements.

Follow Up & Denial Management

We make sure to follow-up on each and every claim within 30 days of claim submission to avoid timely filing limit denial and to make sure on-time reimbursement of each claim.

Payment Posting

We offer accurate and timely posting of payments received from insurance providers and patients, helping healthcare providers and facilities to streamline their revenue cycle.

Why Choose Us for Family Practice Medical Billing Services

Why Choose Us for Family Practice Medical Billing Services

Medical billing is a critical aspect of healthcare services that requires expertise and attention to detail. Choosing a professional billing company can ensure timely and accurate billing, claim submission, and reimbursement for family practice services.

Some reasons to choose our family practice medical billing services include:

1. Improved revenue cycle management: As a professional family practice billing company, we can help you streamline the billing process, reduce family practice billing errors, and increase the efficiency of your revenue cycle. This can result in improved cash flow and revenue for your practice.

2. Compliance with regulatory requirements: We ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and guidelines to avoid potential legal and financial risks.

3. Expertise in Family Practice Billing: Family Practice billing involves complex coding and documentation requirements that require specialized knowledge and expertise. Our family practice billing specialists specializes in family practice billing and ensure accurate billing and coding for accurate and timely reimbursement.

4. Access to advanced technology: As a reliable healthcare IT billing company, we can provide access to advanced technology, such as electronic billing and coding software, that can improve the accuracy and efficiency of the billing process.

Family Practice Medical Billing Software We Support

Best software for family practice medical billing is important to help streamline the family practice billing process and improve the efficiency and accuracy of family practice revenue cycle management.

We offer EHR billing services for family practitioner as well as EMR billing services. Following are some of the major EHR and EMR family practice billing software we support:

1. Kareo

2. eClinicalWorks

3. TherapyNotes

4. CollaborateMD

5. DrChrono

6. CareCloud

7. Waystar

8. MedicsPremier