Blue Cross Blue Shield BCBS Prefix XXU Information

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Prefix XXU is a unique home plan identifier that is used to identify members enrolled in BCBS healthcare plans. This XXU blue cross prefix is typically found at the beginning of a member’s identification number on their insurance card and it represents the BCBS members of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Below you will find a detailed information of XXU BCBS prefix.

Blue Cross Blue Shield BCBS Prefix XXU – Detailed Information

Blue Cross Blue Shield BCBS Prefix XXU

1. XXU BCBS Prefix Home Plan: BCBS of Massachusetts

2. XXU Blue Cross Prefix Website:

3. XXU BCBS Prefix Member Services Phone Number: 1-800-262-2583

4. Corporate Address: 101 Huntington Avenue, Suite 1300 Boston, MA 02199

5. General Member Service Correspondence: P.O. Box 9134 N. Quincy, MA 02171-9134

6. Medical Pre Authorizations and Referrals: 1-800-327-6716

7. Behavioral Health Authorizations: 1-800-524-4010

XXU Blue Cross Prefix Provider Phone Numbers

For Physicians: 1-800-882-2060

For Hospitals: 1-800-451-8123

For Ancillary Providers: 1-800-451-8124

For Dental Providers: 1-800-882-1178

For Information, visit:

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