BCBS Prefix TXX Detailed Information

BCBS Prefix TXX is a unique home plan identifier that is used to identify members enrolled in BCBS healthcare specific home plan. This TXX Blue Cross Blue Shield prefix is typically found at the beginning of a BCBS member’s identification number on their insurance card and it represents the members of BCBS of Massachusetts.

Below you will find a detailed information of TXX BCBS prefix. You can also find all other prefix in BCBS prefix lookup.

BCBS Prefix TXX – Detailed Information


TXX BCBS Prefix Home Plan: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

TXX BCBS MA Prefix Website: www.bluecrossma.org

TXX Prefix Member Services Phone Number: 1-800-262-2583

Corporate Address: 101 Huntington Avenue, Suite 1300 Boston, MA 02199

General Member Service Correspondence: P.O. Box 9134 N. Quincy, MA 02171-9134

Medical Pre Authorizations and Referrals: 1-800-327-6716

Behavioral Health Authorizations: 1-800-524-4010

TXX BCBS Prefix Provider Phone Numbers

BCBS MA Phone Number For Physicians: 1-800-882-2060

BCBS Massachusetts Phone Number For Hospitals: 1-800-451-8123

BCBS MyBlue Phone Number For Ancillary Providers: 1-800-451-8124

For Dental Providers: 1-800-882-1178

For Information, visit: provider.bluecrossma.com

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